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  1. Glucose Oxidase Enzyme

    Glucose oxidase enzyme
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  2. BioPec (Pectinase Enzyme)

    Pectinase Enzyme is isolated from a Non-GMO of fungal species, Aspergillus niger. It is composed of pectinesterase, polygalacturonase and pectinlyase, which plays the role of lipolysis, hydrolysis and pyrolysis respectively in the formation of galacturonic acid, oligomeric galacturonic acid, unsaturated galacturonic acid and oligomeric galacturonic acid etc. It also contains small amount of hemicellulase enzyme.
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  3. Chymosin Enzyme

    Used for cheese manufacturing
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  4. Cellulase Enzyme

    Enzyme for Food, textile and detergent.
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  5. Lipase Enzyme

    Lipase enzyme for detergent making
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  6. Invertase Enzyme

    Invertase enzyme for invert sugar manufacturing
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  7. Lactase Enzyme (Liquid)

    For Lactose Intolerance
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  8. Lactase Enzyme (Powder)

    Lactase enzyme used to make lactose free milk.
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  9. Invertase Enzyme

    Invertase enzyme is a hydrolytic enzyme, also known as beta-fructofuranosidase, glucosucrase, invertin, saccharase, etc. It catalyses the breakdown of sucrose into its monomer form – glucose and fructose.
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  10. Phytase Enzyme

    Animal feed enzyme
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  11. Chymosin Enzyme

    Cheese making enzyme
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  12. Transglutaminase Enzyme

    Enzyme for Meat processing, Fish meat processing,
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  13. Amylase Enzyme

    Alpha amylase and beta amylase, bread improver and liquefaction enzyme
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  14. Protease Enzyme

    Protease enzyme breaks proteins into smaller form.
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